Below you will find some of our company policies.  Please feel to reach out for clarification if needed.  



Payment is due at the time of your appointment whether you are paying a co-pay or are a self-pay client. If you are unable to pay at the time of your appointment, your appointment will be rescheduled and you will incur a late cancellation fee. We accept cash, personal checks, and all major credit cards. If you are a self-pay client submitting for reimbursement through your insurance company, we will provide you with a “superbill,” which you can then forward to your insurance company. If we are an out-of- network provider and you choose to pursue our services, it will be up to you to seek reimbursement.

Whether you are using health insurance or paying out of pocket, you will likely have fees associated with your treatment at LIKEMIND. We require that you keep a credit card on file with us so that we can charge for payments when appropriate. We do our best to make charges on the day of or shortly after each session. On occasion, we will learn several weeks after a session that there is a fee for which you have not yet been charged (usually if you have a deductible or change to copays through your insurance). On those occasions, there will likely be a delay in charging your card. If you would like to receive receipts, please let us know!



We understand that life happens and there may be times when you need to cancel and/or reschedule an appointment with us. In such instances, we ask that you do so at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment time in order to avoid a late cancellation charge. You may cancel or reschedule appointments by contacting your clinician directly. In the event that you incur a missed appointment fee, the credit card you have provided will be charged. Please be aware of our cancellation fees:

• For therapy and medication appointments cancelled with fewer than 24 hours notice, you will be charged a fee of $50.

• For therapy and medication appointments to which you neither show up nor contact us (referred to as a No Show), you will be charged a fee of $75.

• For group therapy sessions to which you neither show up nor contact us, you will be charged a fee of $25.

• If you are scheduled for a neuropsychological evaluation and No Show for the evaluation, you will be charged a fee of $300.




If needed, you can leave your therapist a message on your clinician’s secure and confidential 24-hour voicemail box at (508) 635-4360 x their extension. When you leave a message, include your telephone number, even if you think we already have it, and best times to reach you. We make every effort to return calls in a timely manner. If you do not hear back from us within 1 business day of your call (not including weekends), it is possible that the message has been missed or accidentally deleted. In such instances, please leave a second message. We may occasionally reply more quickly or on weekends, but please be aware that this will not always be possible. If we are unavailable for an extended time, such as on vacation, we will inform you of the contact information for an alternate therapist whom you can contact during this absence.

Voicemail is NOT to be used in emergency situations or situations in which you cannot wait for us to return your call. In such events, please go to the nearest emergency room or call 911. LIKEMIND is not a crisis facility. Do not contact us by email, fax, or text message in an emergency, as we may not get the information quickly.

Email, Patient Portal, & SMS Text Messaging

LIKEMIND subscribes to certain services that allow us to communicate more privately through the use of encryption and other privacy technologies.

  • Encrypted email
  • Patient Portal via a secured website
  • A secure contact page on our website

Texting is not a secure method of communication and should not be used to communicate personal information. Many of our clinicians do have numbers available for texting through LIKEMIND if you and they decide together that this is appropriate.

Please do not contact us through text messages or emails regarding clinical issues. There is a possibility that we will not get the message in a timely manner or that communication will be interpreted in an unclear manner. If you need to contact your therapist between sessions, please call (508) 635-4360 x the clinician’s extension. Text messages and emails are to be used only for scheduling matters (e.g., rescheduling, running late). Please carefully consider who may have access to your text messages or emails before choosing to communicate via either method and let us know if you would prefer not to communicate in either manner.

It is important that we be able to communicate and also keep the confidential space that is vital to therapy. Please speak with us about any concerns you have regarding our available communication methods.

Disclosure Regarding Third-Party Access to Communications
Please know that if we use electronic communications methods, such as email, texting, online video, and possibly others, there are various technicians and administrators who maintain these services and may have access to the content of those communications. In some cases, these accesses are more likely than in others.

Of special consideration are work email addresses. If you use your work email to communicate with me, your employer may access our email communications. There may be similar issues involved in school email or other email accounts associated with organizations that you are affiliated with.

Furthermore, people with access to your computer, mobile phone, and/or other devices may also have access to your email and/or text messages. This includes occasions when you may misplace or inadvertently leave your device in an insecure location. Please take a moment to contemplate the risks involved if any of these persons were to access the messages we exchange with each other.



In order to maintain your confidentiality and our respective privacy, we do not interact with current or former clients on social networking websites. We do not accept friend or contact requests from current of former clients on any social networking sites including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. We will not respond to friend requests or messages through these sites.

We will not solicit testimonials, ratings or grades from clients on websites or through any means. We will not respond to testimonials, ratings or grades on websites, whether positive or negative, in order to maintain your confidentiality. Our hope is that you will bring concerns about our work together to the therapy session so we can address concerns directly.



You can download our policy by clicking here.