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At LIKEMIND Mental Health & Wellness, Inc. we understand that young adults today are facing challenges unique to their generation and their stage in life.  That is why it is essential that they have access to services designed specifically to address and manage these challenges.  We established LIKEMIND with this goal in mind.  We provide evidence-based services to young adults.  The transitional milestones of young adulthood are very different than those of childhood or of adulthood.  The services provided at LIKEMIND acknowledge these differences.   Our clinicians are skilled in addressing the specific needs and challenges of your age group, while recognizing the strengths characteristic of your generation.  It is our mission to provide a community of supportive professionals who can help assess your current struggles, provide an empathetic ear, and assist you in gaining the skills you need to successfully move forward in your life and with your goals. 

Who We Serve

Am I a young adult?  

Through generations, many of the goals for and expectations of young adulthood have remained the same.  They are educational and occupational, related to identity, sexuality, and relationships.  What has changed, however, is the timeframe in which such goals are achieved.  At LIKEMIND, we believe that young adulthood can best be defined by achievement of developmental milestones rather than a specific age.  Each person has a different life story, with different circumstances that have contributed to who he or she is and what he or she strives for in life.  It is understandable, then, that life milestones will not occur at the same time for everyone.  For this reason, we believe that the journey of each individual is of far greater importance than a range of dates.  What we have found, however, is that the developmental milestones of young adulthood typically occur between the late teens and late thirties.